December 13, 2017


Chantelle Mayo

How I Spent My Christmas Overseas

When I listened to Tim Minchin’s ‘Drinking White Wine in the Sun’ on Christmas Day 2016 in Switzerland, I cried. I love Christmas. The weather gets hotter, the days become longer, and fresh se

November 28, 2017


Kris Christou

Survey says, change the date of Triple J's Hottest 100

It's the day we all like to kick back, sink a few beers and listen to Triple J's Hottest 100 - Australia Day. Like the essence of Christmas, the true meaning of Australia Day has been concealed in

November 26, 2017


Kris Christou

Where the Smashed Avo Generation are putting their Money

Millennials have a knack for spending money, thinking about the consequences later and throwing their money to big brands for ridiculous prices. It begs the question, where are we really putting our m

November 22, 2017



What happened at the Millennial 20/20 Summit?

Chattr had the pleasure of being at the Millennial 20/20 summit – an international cross-industry conference where some of the biggest brands in the globe shared ideas on business in the digital age

November 09, 2017


Brylie Harris

Just one more cup: the exciting future for coffee lovers

We love our coffee, it's true. In fact, almost half of the Australian population consume at least one cup of the beverage every day. So, for the half of you reading this that, like me, are completel

November 08, 2017


Sofia Casanova

Jon Cleary: The Man Behind GoGo Juice

Music is a fundamental aspect of human life. You have to listen to it to truly understand the feeling behind it. Funk is renowned to deliver a feel-good time, and one of its underground artists, Jon C

November 06, 2017


Kris Christou

This Mental health App is Changing Society

45% of Australians, at one stage in their lives, will struggle with mental health issues. It is therefore important we find ways to reach individuals when they are in their most vulnerable state. Wit

October 31, 2017


Jordan Forbes

Stranger Things 2: Full Review

This review will be packed full of SPOILERS so this is a warning to anyone who has yet to see the second season of Stranger Things. A little over a year has passed since Netflix's Stranger Things

October 30, 2017


Claire Farquhar

What Would Happen in a Nuclear War?

There's always been a subliminal fear of a nuclear war, often attached to the tense relationship between North Korea and the United States of America. We know each is producing its own nuclear weapon

October 19, 2017


Claudia Poposki

#MeToo: Twitter users speak out about sexual harassment

Warning: this article discusses sexual harassment and abuse. It's a simple phrase. #metoo. Ever since the New York Times broke the story about the disturbing sexual abuse allegedly committed by Harv

October 15, 2017


Claire Farquhar

Asylum Seekers film Documentary on Manus Island

The Australian media has historically painted a disgusting portrayal of refugees seeking asylum on our shores. They're an 'it', a chess piece used by whichever political party is in control. News sto

October 12, 2017


Lizzie Jack

Tindstagram: Courtship or Creepy?

It's no shock to anyone that the under 25 age bracket loves to use online platforms for a chance at love. We've got Tinder, Grinder, Bumble and even J-Swipe: a Tinder for Jewish people. Living in an