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How (not) to become Instagram Famous

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but it doesn’t have to. Instead of spending money on costly trips, stick to your local area. Instead of buying costly clothes, borrow them. You can get a unique and interesting grid without spending large amounts of money.

Stop stressing about followers

Quality over quantity. Source.

Sure it’s nice to get adoration from screaming fans. But obsessing over followers takes away from the fun of social media. Imagine having 20K+ followers to interact with. The opportunities for more meaningful interactions are virtually erased when you’re constantly being bombarded by messages. Having less followers means you get a better opportunity to interact with like-minded people.

Embrace you and stop trying to keep up with appearances

All of us after trying a new make-up tutorial. Source.

Part of the fun of being an Instagrammer is being able to showcase things that you love. Just because everyone else loves wavy eyebrows, it doesn’t mean you have to as well. Showcase instead what you are proud of and what you like. Focus on what makes you, you. If that ends up being cats wearing strange hats, then so be it! This is the internet and you’re sure to find someone else who enjoys the same pictures (even if they won’t make you Instagram famous).

Have a break every now and then

What quitting social media feels like. Source.

Social media is fun. But it often takes away from real life. It’s easy to forget to live when you’re too busy looking at how perfect other people’s lives seem (even though they’re not). Turn off your phone every now and then. Look at the sky. Breathe. Be with real life people for a while. Dance in the kitchen like nobody is watching and embrace everything that makes your life great.

Embrace your Instagram community

Embracing who you are is seriously the best thing. Source.

The best thing about Instagram are the hashtags. Entire internet communities are built around them. By using them, you can find like-minded people. Maybe you have an obsession with #koreanstreetfood or perhaps it’s #cosplay. Whatever you like, you’re sure to find others who have similar interests. Embrace that and you’re bound to get followers anyway (even if it’s not 10,000 of them right away).