Why Donald Glover is one of the most talented artists of our generation

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Actor, writer, comedian, director, producer, creator, rapper, singer, songwriter. Some people might read this as a list of professions a group of school kids dream to be when they’re older. Some of those dreamers might be lucky to ever reach one of those professions. That is of course unless your name is Donald Glover, you get to do all of them.

Donald Glover is quickly becoming a household name. Whether it’s his work in Community or his songs as Childish Gambino, most people have come in contact with something Donald Glover has left his fingerprint on.

Glover first rose to a level of stardom at the age of 23 when he was hand picked by Tina Fey to be a writer on the hit comedy show 30 Rock. He was brought to Fey’s attention with his work with New York University sketch comedy group, Derrick Comedy.

In his time working for 30 Rock, he was executive story editor of 22 episodes and writer on two episodes. He also appeared onscreen in a number of background roles. Glover left 30 Rock after three years to join the cast of the show that is still what he is know for the most: Community.

Glover’s popularity skyrocketed when he joined the cast of Community. He featured in five of the show’s six seasons as high school athlete Troy Barnes. It was, however, his relationship with Danny Pudi’s Abed that made them the show’s killer combo. Cinemablend rated Abed and Troy a respective 1st and 2nd when they ranked the best Community characters.

During his time on Community, Donald Glover ticked another profession off his list by adding comedian. In 2010 he featured on Comedy Central in a half an hour segment and in 2012 he got an hour special called Donald Glover: Weirdo. Unfortunately, Glover has not done another comedy feature since his hour special.

In 2013, Glover announced he would be leaving Community midway through season five. Community creator, Dan Harmon recently said that Glover leaving was “the death of the show“. When talking about the departure, Glover described it as “appropriate“. Not too long after the announcement, he posted several photos of notes to his Instagram, giving us an insight into his life.

Despite leaving Community, Glover still remained on the screen, both big and small. He featured in an episode of Sesame Street, where he built a guitar and performed a rap, Magic Mike XXL as a stripper, The Martian in an oddly Abed-like role and several voicing roles including shows like Adventure Time, China, IL and Ultimate Spider-Man (yes he finally got to be Spider-Man).

In 2016, Glover launched his new show, Atlanta. After its first season, it sits with an 100% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Glover is the sole creator of the project and is the only writer to write on all ten of it’s current episodes. The writer with the next most credited episodes is his brother, Stephen Glover. He also directed two episodes of the series