DECLASSIFIED CIA DOCUMENTS: Mind Control and The ‘Advanced Rhomboid Attachment’

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The Central Intelligence Agency has recently made over 12 million declassified documents available on their easy to navigate online reading room. While many of the documents are completely mundane, some shed light on an agency that feared extraterrestrial threats, Russian mind-control, and an individual’s inability to turn a stereo microscope into a micro stereoscope. Down the rabbit hole…


At one point, the CIA was obsessed with UFOs. The online reading room has extensive records of alleged sightings, proposed causes, and internal scepticism; one scientist’s notes on an internal UFO report read ‘A rapid perusal of your documents leaves one confused and inclined to supineness’. Despite this, the agency was serious enough about Unidentified Flying Objects to produce the ‘UFO Photographic Information Sheet’, a form that seems to be designed to discourage hoaxes.


The undated form demands excessive detail – where were you standing when you took the picture, time of day to the nearest minute, where were the negatives processed – and a sketch of the photographer’s surroundings. It seems that the CIA might have gotten fed up with the rash of UFO sightings after events like Roswell and decided to only investigate the really serious ones. Still, even the agency – which has done weird things like dose unsuspecting test subjects with LSD to see  if it can be used as a mind control drug – doesn’t really believe in UFOs; many of the documents state that they’re probably weather balloons, and everybody seems very confused about it.


Officially starting in 1978, the Stargate Project (not to be confused with the television show) was one of really weird Cold War endeavours. It was created to investigate the potential use of psychic powers – ESP, clairvoyance, etc – in military and intelligence operations. While the Stargate Project was not technically a CIA project, the reading room has plenty of documents relating to it. These include the outline for something called ‘Project: N-1 X’, an operation designed to test the viability of using psychic powers to obtain Soviet documents.


Subjects were required to discover the main theme, purpose, and date of publication for documents; describe the container the documents were held in; and give an overview of the area around the facility where the documents were stored. Incredibly, the project ran for over twenty years before the CIA – who once tried to create an exploding seashell to kill Fidel Castro – was granted oversight, decided that it had no worth and shut it down. The information obtained by remote viewers was exceedingly vague, and was determined to be no more accurate than twenty years of guesswork.


In 1976, the Church of Scientology launched a large-scale effort to infiltrate the United States government and destroy documents that could harm their organisation. This was called Operation Snow White, and constituted the largest subversion of