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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6: Epic Moments

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Warning: Spoilers for the entire season of Game of Thrones!

Monday is usually Game of Thrones day. But unfortunately, the season is over and we’re back to mindlessly scrolling for another show to fill the hole that’s left behind. So much has happened over the last ten weeks so to jog your memory, here are the jaw dropping moments of Game of Thrones season 6.

  • Jon Snow came back to life! 

And on the third day, he rose! We all knew it but it didn’t help that they dragged it out for a couple of episodes before he was risen. The look on their faces when he started to breathe was priceless.

  • Melisandre’s final form. 

The Red Woman has always been a mystery to us. I don’t know if it’s her long red hair, constant ranting about the Lord of Light or her tendency to burn people, but this unveiling of Melisandre’s true form gives room for speculation on what she actually can and can’t do.

  • The origin of the White Walkers revealed. 

The lore behind the White Walkers has always been unclear until now. The Children of the Forest had created them as a weapon against their war on mankind. Oops.

  • The Night King finding Bran after he does some spooking mental teleporting.

This season saw the return of Bran Stark, the now young man without function of his legs but is able to mentally teleport into visions or memories with the assistance of the Three-Eyed Raven. As the season went on, particularly during the Tower of Joy scene, he discovers he’s also able to touch or say things to others – hence the theory he drives the Mad King mad who is said to have heard whispers. His ability also gets him in trouble a few times – like leading the Night King to their hideaway.

  • Hold the door!

Speaking of Bran getting himself into trouble, Hodor’s name, which is actually Wylis, derived from Bran entering a memory and Wylis seeing him. This triggers a seizure during which Wylis screams, “Hold the door!” over and over again until it becomes a mumbled “Hodor”. The whole time Hodor has been reliving his death, knowing that his one job is to hold the door. And he did it.


He was too precious for this world.

  • The Hound’s return.

This season has been the season of returns, one being the Hound. He’s still the same snarky Clegane, but there’s a certain quality about him that’s changed. He’s looking to redeem himself and while we didn’t see much of him this season, his recruitment into the Brotherhood Without Banners might fruit an interesting plot. You also can’t deny a man his chicken, especially the Hound.