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Adidas’ New Shoe, the NMD Takes the World By Storm

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As the sneaker heads clamber for new releases of Kanye’s signature shoe line, an emerging new model that was released in extremely limited quantities has caught the eyes of Adi-fans. The Adidas NMD or Nomad came out swinging with full length boost cushioning and a silhouette that takes inspiration from a variety of classic Adidas releases, such as the Micro Pacer, Boston Super, and Rising Star. 

Adidas NMD. Source

Bridging the gap between lifestyle and casual, the NMD was a smash hit and sold out around the globe. Because of this, we’ve now seen the release grow from a single colour to an explosion of new colours, styles, materials and availability.

Grey digital camouflage. Source.

The next colours to release (some of the best to hit the markets in this author’s opinion) were the grey digital camo, and the yellow digital camo. These releases showed me how sought after this shoe was as originally I had assumed it was nothing more a regular release, not a camp-outside-retail-stores release. It’s even been resold for $400 more than its RRP. These shoes took over social media for the past couple months, being featured across multiple Facebook. Eventually Adidas answered the fans who were asking for more pairs to be widely available by releasing 8 new colours just in one store, Hype DC. This isn’t even including the pairs that were limited to stores like Sneakerboy and the plethora of European and Footlocker exclusives that didn’t make their way to the land down under.

Yellow digital camouflage. Source.

Stores like Hype were getting around 140 pairs in total across the 8 pairs being released, and still people were lining up for days in advance, and of course they sold out with some people walking out with one of each pair which in my opinion is not cool.

Some of the new models of NMD’s that are coming out, such as the chukka version and the women’s collection.

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